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                                 ENEMY LIST 

Ip HATE LIST VICTIMS GAMERTAG DATES  BRIEF DESCRIPTION VENOMxK1NG 2/23/2011 TALKIN MAD TRASH RETARDED Qsfx Alex 2/23/2011 SCAMMER 10th LOBBYS PAIDHit 2/23/2011 MAD ANNOYING TRASH TALKER xxTKOPKILLAxx 2/23/2011 HELPING Scam Mulletman4 2/23/2011 Annoying Kickace22 2/17/2011 Boosting in free for all + Talking Trash Scud Riley 2/17/2011 Boosting in free for all + Talking Trash Muffinman896655 2/18/2011 Trash Talking British kid BOOT!!! RANDOM 2/23/2011 RANDOM Rogu3 Japanda 2/23/2011 Random HAM3109    Annoying kid Ro D3m0nZzgu3 Japanda    Random iiRiSh ScopeZz    Random TiGerHawk333 DeZeRT Viper Im Drinking SquidgyMocha Optic Grizzzly Arsen RWK REDRUM XeXLoBBYs2 xGRLA MODZx xGRLA MODZx OPTIC TRYHARD 0 Xxboxliveadmin JohnRuben SnPx SkilLsZz FRosTiiE x GONER TrIx Iz 4KiDz WickeD Sniipe

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